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Welcome To QuanXing

Hangzhou Quangxing Plastic Co.,Ltd.,Located in Yuhang District,Hangzhou City,is covered in Shanghai Economic Ring.And it is about 30 minufacturer in Zhejiang Province .
The company is privately owned with 30 million RMB total nvestments.Now we have 6 casting lines of them are equipped with

online thickness detector and defects inspection system.Up to date the total production capacity us (400-500)tons/month.
As a local company,Quanxing takes quality as life of the company ,fully develops her technology and management ability,and focuses on low-cost development,Fully closed production site,air central conttol to meets level 300.000ptuification,all help to efficiently control the insects,rodents and microbe in the production site.Moreover,we have obtained ISO9001 (2000) and IS014001(2004) Certificates of CQC.
The company focuess on the high-end market,and has become the qualfied suooklier of many well-known intermational and domestic companies.Meanwhile ,our products are exported to countries and regions such region such as Asia and the Pacilfic(Japan,Thailand,and etc),South America (Cuba, etc),Africa(Nigeria,Mauritius,etc),and Europe(Germany).
The company has more than 120 employees,30 professional and management staff,and 4 senior consultants.
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